#23 of All the Things


Money is a complicated subject and can be so overwhelming.  Especially if we feel like we don’t have enough! Wouldn’t it have been great if you were taught about money as a kid?  How awesome would it be to have development good money habits from a young age?  If your parents taught you good money skills, good for you and good for them!  More often than not, I think that wasn’t the case, though.  My husband and I were overwhelmed and in debt and found Dave Ramsey (see #15 of All the Things) and I’m proud to say our new money attitude has helped us turn our finances around!  Now, I want to change my family tree and teach my kids how to handle money.  The book Smart Kids Smart Money; Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze is helping me do just that. Continue reading “#23 of All the Things”

#22 of All the Things


I really want to visit New York so that I can  do cool things like a no-pants subway ride or dress in blue polo’s and khakis and stand around Best Buy with 80 other people! If this sounds fun to do or fun to watch, you need to check out the TED Talk: The Shared Experience of Absurdity by Charlie Todd.  It’s hilarious and I’m such a sap, I cried a little when Rob made a subway transfer fun.  Watch this 12 minute video and see for yourself: Continue reading “#22 of All the Things”

Nomination – Getting to Know Me

I was nominated by Crystal at Living Through Our Loss for the Getting to Know Me Award. Crystal has a beautiful site where she shares her story of losing Averie and raising her rainbow baby, Isabella.

It’s the first time anybody has nominated me for anything like this so here goes!

Who are you named after?

I was named after my grandmother (my mom’s mom) and my full name is Marcie even though she was Marcella.

Do you like your handwriting?

No, it’s pretty awful.  I wish it was pretty.  My mom had the best handwriting but I did not inherit that gift.

What is your favorite lunch meat?


Longest relationship?

I’ve been married to Jeff for almost 16 years!  We were together for 4 years before that.

Do you still have your tonsils?


Would you bungee jump?

I think so.  Maybe.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?


Favorite ice cream?

Mint chip.

What is the first thing you notice about people?

Sometimes I’m pretty oblivious to my surroundings and I can’t think of any particular thing that always stands out for me.   I’ve had many conversations with my husband that go like this:

Me: We saw this cute dog today.

Him: What kind of dog?

Me: Um, a brown one? I can’t really remember.

Him: Big dog, little dog?

Me: Sort of big, maybe?

Him: *Eye Rolling.

Football or baseball?

Football.  Go Vikes!  But really, I only really like to watch live.  Or if it’s a really big game.  I get too distracted.  I did take the time once to learn how the game is played though.

What color pants are you wearing?

Blue jeans.  I get to wear jeans to work everyday.  I’m so lucky.

Last thing you ate?

Strawberry shortcake for dessert last night.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Probably pink.  I wear a lot of pink.

Favorite smell?


Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My oldest daughter, Ali.

Hair color?

Brown with a natural blond birthmark or two plus a lot of gray.

Eye color?


Favorite foods to eat?

My grandmother’s chicken and dumplings.

Scary movies or happy endings?

Happy endings.

Last movie you watched?

Moana.  It was really good.  The soundtrack is good, too.

Favorite holiday?

Probably Christmas.

Beer or wine?

Neither, I’m not much of a drinker but when I do drink I prefer vodka and juice or flavored vodka and lemonade and shots like grape apes and such.  Fruity stuff.

Night owl or early bird?

I hate getting up in the morning but once I’m up I’m at my most productive.  I’ve been getting up early most days to work on the blog.  It still amazes me when I don’t push the snooze button at 5:00 am.

Favorite day of the week?

Saturday.  I usually get to sleep in.  And often get to nap.

Favorite quote?

“Stop spending money like you’re in congress.”  Dave Ramsey


I would like to nominate Gabe at (Almost) Unsalvageable for the Getting to Know Me Award.  He may have already done this before, but he’s a great commenter on my site and his blog is really interesting.  Great stories and great art.  Plus, he’s part of the #bloggesstribe.  (We love that about each other!)

#21 of All the Things


It’s the first day of spring and we probably could all use a little bit of spring cleaning.  Maybe some reorganization is needed in your house? But what if you’re like me, and sometimes it all seems too much?  Keeping up on the house work is something I struggle with.  But luckily, I found Fly Lady and with her tips and tricks, it is much easier to get back on track.  She uses baby steps to help you build up some daily and weekly routines.  She teaches you about procrastination and perfectionism.  She gives you a focus so that it’s not so overwhelming.

Continue reading “#21 of All the Things”

#SundayBlogShare #2

*updated I’ve decided to dedicate Sundays to sharing the blog posts I like the most each week. Supporting fellow bloggers is really important to me.  I’ll simply post a couple of links with short descriptions.  I got the idea from the blogging Facebook group I recently joined called Big Up Your Blog.   This is […]


It’s time for #SundayBlogShare.  I want this to be a place to find new great blogs and also for bloggers to get to know each other.  I’ll alternate between different social media platforms and we can share with each and grow our list of followers.  This week, let’s share Facebook pages.  Here is mine: https://www.facebook.com/marcie3things/  I post my blog posts and also a lot of quotes and inspirational articles and such on my facebook page. My goal is to have my page be a  happy place but also a place where we can try to find the good inside of the bad, because let’s face it, sometimes in life, there is bad but how we react to it makes all the difference.  I also like to post about funny “national holidays.”  Like popcorn lovers day, potato chip day and the day where everything you do is right.  Leave your facebook page link or username in the comments.

Now, onto the blog share. These are the 3 posts I found that I like best for this week:


  • This blogger, Mary, is somebody that I actually know IRL (in real life) and she is funny and snarky and posts great little quips that are very entertaining. Her site is called A Very Contrary Mary:



  • Gabe, (one of my new favorite bloggers) has funny stories about his hikes on the Appalachian Trail and he also has amazing art so it’s like a two-fer.  Plus, he’s a fan of the Bloggess which makes him pretty cool just by association. This post is a witty how to/how not to post about bears.  His site is called Almost Unsalvageable:



  • This a new site I found called Ruffwear Explored and the first post I read on it. It looks like a really cool site and I can’t wait to explore it.  This post is really funny (the pics are hilarious, I’d like to get my dog doing some of these cool things) and it’s sweet and a little sad but very touching. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll love this post:



You can subscribe to all of these sites so that you can keep following and if you really like them, follow them on Facebook/Twitter or whatever social media that you enjoy.  Bloggers really love follows!

P.S.  I got the idea for this type of post from the blogging Facebook group I recently joined called Big Up Your Blog.  I encourage you to check it out if you are a blogger.  It’s a really great group.


Any blog posts I should know about?  Please share!  And don’t forget to share your Facebook Page link so we can follow you!


#20 of All the Things


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve been thinking about luck and being lucky and wanted to share my favorite quote and a crafty little gift idea for you regarding luck. I also want to tell you about a great charity that I’d like you to know about because sometimes we aren’t so lucky, and we need a little bit of help from a four legged friend.  Continue reading “#20 of All the Things”

#19 of All of Things


Depression is an unfortunate fact of life.  If you don’t suffer from it, chances are you know somebody that does.  You probably know more people than you even realize because many of us hide it so well.  Thankfully, it’s becoming less of a stigma as more and more people are opening up and talking about it.  If you suffer from a mental illness or want to better understand somebody’s struggle, what better way to learn than to listen to funny people talk about it.  The Hilarious World of Depression podcast by John Moe is a new podcast I found and I loved the entire first season.  Continue reading “#19 of All of Things”

#18 of All the Things


I really wanted to write about this song because it means so much to me.  It’s a sweet song about pregnancy but the last few words hit home.  I’m dedicating this song and this post to all of my friends that have lost a baby and to all of those I’ve never met.  Below is part one of my story.   If you are friends with me, you’ve heard this story before and I thank you for listening when I talk about Gabriel.  It’s means so much to me to know that he is not forgotten.

This is Small Bump by Ed Sheeran:


The Ultrasound

Cold winds blew in Minneapolis on the first day of December in 2000. My fiancé Jeffrey and I were warm with excitement though, as we hurried to the exam room.  The typical hospital smells of alcohol mixed with medicine and a touch of sickness didn’t bother me today.

“My mom wants us to come over after and show her the ultrasound pics.”  I told Jeffrey.  “She can’t wait to start buying tiny pink or blue footy pajamas.”  I said, looking forward to that myself.  I grabbed his hand and looked up at him.  I was still amazed that this was happening to us.

In the exam room, I laid back on the hospital bed and pulled my light blue and white striped maternity shirt up to expose the khaki pouch on the belly of my new maternity pants. Under that was my very small baby bump.  I was just starting to wear maternity clothes- mostly in excited anticipation of watching my belly get big and fat.  I couldn’t wait for the day when I’d be waddling around like a penguin.

The technician turned the lights down and stood to my right with all of the ultrasound equipment. Jeffrey sat to my left and he watched the screen with eager anticipation.   She squeezed some cold blue goo on my belly and placed the ultrasound wand on my stomach “Let’s get started.” she said happily.

She began to move the wand around while looking up at the screen. I didn’t really know what I was looking at exactly.  I was waiting to hear something like “So here is the head, and this is the baby’s heart.” But she didn’t say any of those things. She was completely silent.  A few long minutes crept by.  I looked at Jeff nervously and he grabbed my hand.  Finally, she stopped and said “I’m going to go get the doctor.”  I raised my brows in question at her but she quickly left the room.

“Oh my God, Jeffrey.  Something is wrong.” I said desperately.

He looked nervous but tried to reassure me “It’s okay, let’s just wait and see.” He held my hand tighter.

The technician came back with the doctor.  They got right down to business continuing with the ultrasound, both of them looking at the screen and conversing with each other, but in whispers, too quiet for us to hear.  It seemed to take forever for them to be finished.  I tried not to imagine all the little things that can go wrong, all the things that might cause problems in a growing baby. Finally, they stopped and the doctor turned on the lights and it was a shock to my senses and made my eyes water.

“There are some problems” he said.  I braced myself for the bad news.  He continued “The baby has Anencephaly.  It’s a neural tube disorder and is incompatible with life.”

My stomach dropped.  I felt all the blood leave my face.  I’m not sure what I thought he might say but it wasn’t that.  This was more than just bad news.  This was the worst possible scenario.  The one I hadn’t even considered.    I’m not sure I had ever heard the term “incompatible with life” before that.  I knew what it meant, though. I thought to myself my baby is going to die.

On the outside I was amazingly calm and I asked a lot of questions as I turned into “information seeker.”   The doctor explained everything to us. “He literally has a hole in the top of his head.” The doctor was saying, as he gestured to the top of his own head in demonstration.

I interrupted him then.   “It’s a boy?” I asked shakily.

“Yes.” the doctor confirmed nodding his head.

My baby boy is going to die. I thought.

I surprised myself by asking in a strong voice “So, now what?”

He seemed surprised yet pleased at my direct approach.  He took a deep breath as if to steady himself and began, “You have three options.  You can attempt to carry to term. If the baby makes it that far, you’ll likely have to induce because Anencephalic babies don’t trigger labor on their own.  Your second option is to have a D&C, where the baby might not come out whole.”  He paused then to let that sink in. And it did.

“The third option” he continued “is to induce early.”

I imagined myself then, late in my pregnancy, waddling around with a fat belly and middle aged ladies coming up to me exclaiming “Oh! Look at you!  When are you due? Is this your first baby?” They would be all excited and totally oblivious.

And I’d lie, and say with a fake smile, “He’s coming mid-April!”

Then I imaged myself getting tired of the lie and from my mouth a comment would come tumbling out like “Thanks, but actually the baby isn’t going to make it.” And then it would be all awkward and sad and I’d have to console them, saying “Oh, its okay, there was no way you could have known.”  And I’d reassure them it would all be okay, somehow.

They would pat my shoulder solemnly and say stuff like “God has a plan, you know.”

I knew right then that I couldn’t go through that.  I had already decided what I wanted to do, but I agreed to think about it over the weekend and to discuss it with Jeffrey.  We left the hospital in stunned silence carrying ultrasound pictures of our baby boy with a crooked head, and a book called A Time to Decide, A Time to Heal.   We drove the short distance to my mom’s house to tell the first of many, our very sad news.

Later, I cried.


I will post more about my story on a future blog post.

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See you back here on Wednesday when I will tell you about a funny podcast about depression.

All the best,


Question of the day:  Have you suffered the loss of a child?  Do you want to share your story on a memorial page?  I’m creating one and am looking for stories to share.



#17 of All the Things


Brené Brown is a funny “researcher storyteller” and gives an amazing TED Talk called The Power of Vulnerability.  It’s the story of how a piece of her research changed her perception and changed the way she lives, loves, works, and parents.

She learned from years of interviews and thousands of pieces of data that the people who felt love and belonging were simply the people that believed they were worthy of love and belonging.   Our goal should be to be whole-hearted which means we have to have courage, compassion to ourselves first, and then to others, and connection.  We also need to embrace vulnerability because as Brené shows us, what makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful.

She shows us her journey and how this research collided with her natural outlook on life. She talks about our struggles with this, why and how we numb and why that truly is a problem and why numbing has bigger consequences than we probably realize. She also talks about our job as parents when it comes to raising kids.

The video is about 20 minutes long and is humorous and filled with insight:

I learned much from this video and now I will strive to:

  • Let myself be seen.
  • To love with my whole heart.
  • To practice gratitude and joy inside of my anxiety.
  • To believe I am enough.

Brené is the author of many books including the two below that I’ve read and am working on blog posts about:


Brené Brown  was also a guest on my favorite podcast, Magic Lessons.  You can check it out in #5 of All the Things.

I hope you liked the video and you check out her books.  Click on the books on this blog to add them to your Goodreads list.  For more information see the What is Goodreads? post.  See you on Monday, where I’ll be sharing Jenny Lawson’s newest book.

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Question of the day.  What TED Talk or inspirational video do you think I should see?

#16 of All the Things


I love reading books to my kids.  Even though they are old enough to read to themselves, my husband and I take turns reading books to the girls and we like how we can talk about them and look up words together.  It’s really fun now that they are 9 and 12 years old, because we can pick better books! Recently I read a book called Half a Chance by Cynthia Lord that we really enjoyed.  Continue reading “#16 of All the Things”