#1 of All the Things- 3 A’s of Awesome

I have a passion for learning and getting inspired. I’m a voracious reader,  I love podcasts, and I really enjoy watching motivating TED Talks.  I get lost in music that moves me and I eagerly await posts on entertaining blogs. I truly want to make my world a better place and to help others as […]


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The 3 A’s of Awesome

A TED Talk by  Neil Pasricha  17:33 minutes


The 3 A’s of Awesome is probably my favorite TED Talk! I figured it would make a perfect first blog post.  Neil Pasricha has a great sense of humor and is so genuinely moved by life that I felt an instant connection the first time I watched it.  He made me feel so much and made me laugh out loud which is always a bonus. Plus, his speech made me feel hopeful for a better tomorrow. I’ve watched this talk multiple times.  Neil is doing what I dream about doing, motivating others by writing and speaking.

After a nice and fairly normal childhood Neil suffered some great losses and he knew he was headed down a dark path. Needing to focus on the good things that life has to offer, he started a blog called 1000 Awesome Things. In this talk, he teaches us about the three things to focus on to help you live an awesome life; attitude, authenticity, and awareness.

Check it out for yourself.

 This is what I learned from The 3 A’s of Awesome:

  • To allow myself to grieve my losses and then keep looking for the good.
  • That I want to embrace my inner three-year-old.
  • That I’m going to strive to be the real me and to share my heart on this blog and hope that it helps others along the way.
  • That I want to be more like Neil’s dad. I’m going to share the wonders of the world with my children as we explore mangoes from Mexico and dates from Morocco and all of the other amazing things that cross our paths.

Here’s more to help you get your awesome fix:

Neil has written multiple books and he has another great TED talk under his belt which I will feature in a future blog post.

bookofawesome3d   happy


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10 thoughts on “#1 of All the Things- 3 A’s of Awesome

  1. Aloha,

    Thanks very much for the follow. Your actually following my business site,

    Just let me know if you would like a link for Tropical Depression.



  2. Hey Marcie,

    I’ve just discovered your blog and felt a connection right away. I love to learn and have so many different interestest and love to discover and read about so many subjects. I use spotify, listen to Ted Talks and also have an ongoing battle with anxiety and depression, which is the hardest thing to deal with. I think we would be great friends in real life and have lots to talk about. You have the most beautiful family! Congratulations!




      1. Thank you so much! I’m very open about my journey with anxiety and depression on the blog. It has helped me so much in not being ashamed of my disorders. You’re really sweet. Thank you!


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