#4 of All the Things

100 Days of Rejection

A TED Talk by  Jia Jiang  15:31 minutes



Jia Jiang is very clever, introspective, and courageous. He gave a hilarious TED Talk, What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection that I truly enjoyed.  I laughed a lot and I was moved to tears multiple times.  
Jia tells the story of one horrible moment of rejection he had as a kid and about one inspiring moment he had as a teenager.  He spoke of the ongoing battle throughout his life of the two versions of himself. One that wanted to achieve great things, and the other that lived in fear. He decided to conquer fear and came up with a plan of action. He would ask strangers for strange and wonderful things.  Luckily for us, he made a video blog of his adventures and the things he learned from the experiences.

Check it out for yourself:


This is what I learned from What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection:

  • I want to get better at kicking fear in the face.
  • To not let the possibility of rejection stop me from doing something.
  • You never know what amazing things you’ll discover when you try something new.
  • Even if I try something that is an utter failure, if I document it I can just call it research and hopefully others will benefit from it too.  Even if the only benefit is a good laugh.

Jia has also written a book that I’m looking forward to reading.


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Coming up on Friday is a detailed look at my favorite podcast by one of my favorite authors.  Until then, don’t let rejection hold you back.  Be brave today!

Question of day:  What is your favorite inspirational video?


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