#6 of All the Things

Have you ever heard a funny song about therapy?  I have one for you. It’s upbeat and will make you laugh. I’m so excited to finally have a place to share it!  It’s called  “What Do You Hear in these Sounds?” by Dar Williams

Years ago,  I was at an outdoor concert at the  MN Zoo and I discovered Dar Williams.  She opened for Shawn Mullins and I fell in love with her music.  She’s a talented singer-songwriter who writes mostly folk-pop music and is fantastic live.  I’ve seen her four or five times in concert. Her entertaining stories along with her music showcase her great sense of humor and compassion for  the world.

Here it is, just click the play button and let me know what you think in the comments:

Do you know anybody that can relate? Maybe you can share it with them, too?

If you enjoyed that, she has a lot of other great songs out there.  I own almost all of Dar’s albums and her live DVD. These days I mostly listen to her on Spotify.  You can do a search on YouTube and listen to many of her songs there.  Watch for future blog posts about some of my favorites.

Dar is also an author! I’m eager to read her two books to my children:



I hope you liked the song.  See you on Wednesday, where I will talk about a podcast episode that near is and dear to my heart.

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All the best,


Question of the day.  What song or two inspires you?








10 thoughts on “#6 of All the Things

  1. I love Dar Williams, thanks for sharing, that song always reminds me of you. The artist that inspires me is Natalie Merchant, her song Wonders.


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