#7 of All the Things-Terrible, Thanks for Asking (A Henry Sky)


Every day we ask each other “How are you?” Usually we respond with things like “fine” or “good.” But sometimes things aren’t fine or good at all. Have you ever really wanted to just say “terrible”  because sometimes things are terrible.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is “The show where we ask people to give honest answers to the question ‘How are you?’”  It’s a show about the hard stuff and let’s face it there is a lot of hard stuff in this thing we call life.

The show is also about finding the good and the funny in terrible situations. It’s about finding hope.  I listen to it on an app called Stitcher on my Android.  Detailed instructions on how to download it are on the Podcasts with Stitcher page. It’s also available on iTunes.


There are many topics covered in the first season of the podcast including; grief, loss, and making mistakes. Her guests include people suffering from postpartum depression, living with brain injuries, survivors of sexual violence, and marines that served in Vietnam. They are all really powerful and every single one of them made me cry. One of the episodes that stood out the most for me was episode #6 “A Henry Sky.”

This episode is about a pediatrician, Colleen, and her husband and their struggles with pregnancy loss and secondary infertility.

Have kleenex ready because it’s both sweet and heartbreaking.  I know these things are hard to hear about, but sadly, they are part of life sometimes, and I believe that if you can handle it, you should, because the more you know, the more ready you will be when you run across someone in your life that is going through this because they are going to need you.  If you have had an experience like this, then you already know how hard this is and you know how nice it is to not feel so alone.    

Every loss is unique, but when hearing Colleen’s story I found a few things that were very similar to my experience of when I lost my son, Gabriel and the miscarriage I had after.   

As I was listening, I thought over and over throughout the podcast “Me, too!”  and I cried for Colleen’s losses as well as my own. I cried for Nora’s and for all the angel babies that I know about and for all the angel babies that I don’t.   

“Being the best parents we can be is sharing our story so others feel less alone because it’s an isolating process.”  Colleen Barton

I hope and pray that Colleen’s heartbreak is over and that really good things are in her future.  She is an amazing woman and still has hope.  If you should ever read this, Colleen, please write, I’d love to connect with you.   I invite anybody that grieves for a child to reach out.  I’ll be sharing my story and I am going to make a page on here that is a little memorial page for people to share their stories.  Let me know if you want to be a part of that or if you know somebody that might want to contribute.  

Nora McInerny, the show’s host is the author of  It’s Okay to Laugh and I highly recommend it. A future blog post about it is in the works. It’s her story of the three big losses that she endured in a span of months including; her second pregnancy, her father and her husband.


I hope you check out the podcast and if you do, please come back and let me know what you thought.  I hope you have a hopeful day and I’ll be back on Friday with a look at one of my new favorite books about finding your dream job while keeping your day job.

 Thanks for visiting.  Please subscribe on the bottom of the page if you’d like an email when I post. Comments are like gold to a blogger and shares are like diamonds.   A growing blog makes a blogger happy.    New here?  Check out my About page to see what this blog is all about and to learn more about me.

All the best,


Question of the day.  Have you lost a child/ren? Would you like to share your story?


4 thoughts on “#7 of All the Things-Terrible, Thanks for Asking (A Henry Sky)

  1. First heard about this podcast a few months ago on tbe radio during a segment on the Current and thought it would be good to check out. I then promptly forgot about it. Glad to be getting a second chance to check it out, adding it to my Stitcher list now. Thanks Marcie!


  2. Hey Marcie, I haven’t lost a child but it’s one of my biggest fears. I really want to be a mother and I feel like I already love my children, even if they don’t exist yet. Does it sound stupid? I’m really afraid of loss in general, because of my anxiety so I think that when I start trying for a baby I will be terrified of miscarriage. I have a recent story in my family. My aunt got pregnant at 43. She had never wanted a baby before, but she was so happy and she wanted THAT baby. I had never seen her maternal side before and I had never seen her so radiant. She invited me to be the godmother and I said yes. I was so proud of it. Three months in and she loses the baby. We are all very sad about it but she… she is devastated. I cannot imagine how hard it is and I just pray I will never know.


    1. It doesn’t sound stupid at all. Most of the time everything goes great, you just have to try to remember that. And when you struggle, try to remember again. Anxiety sucks. I lost two but than I had two healthy girls and I’m so grateful so I’m one example of a happy ending. I’m so sorry for your aunt. My heart hurts for her. She is lucky she has you to always remember. That’s the hardest part 16 years later, people forget. Remember the dates. When she lost the baby. And her due date. Let her know you think of her on those dates.

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