#11 of All the Things- Furiously Happy

Do you suffer from a mental illness? Do you know somebody that does?  Chances are you do.  If you want to read “A funny book about horrible things” then Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson is for you.

I have both read and listened to this book on Audible, multiple times, but listening to it is the way I enjoyed it most. Because Jenny the narrator, is so good at “pretending that she’s good at it” that she became great at it! Plus, there is a bonus chapter at the end of the audiobook.  The book itself does have photos in in that are really  good, too.  Maybe check out one version from the library?


Jenny is not afraid of profanity so beware if you listen to it when kids are around.  You might not like it if bad words offend you or phrases like lady garden, voodoo vagina, or ass clinic don’t make you giggle.  Personally, I think it’s all hilarious but I respect that some might not enjoy that kind of thing. Also, watch out if you are offended by outrageous conversations between God, Adam, and the snake (who’s name is Jefferson by-the-way).  If you are dead set on your belief that anti-depressants are a sham thrust on us from pharmaceutical companies, then you might like the book, but maybe you should give it a go anyway, because you probably need a little enlightenment and somebody else’s perspective.  If you have a great sense of humor and an open mind, or even better, a broken mind, then you will probably love this book like I do.

Furiously Happy makes me feel, well, furiously happy.  I feel so understood, like I’m not the only one and I also have more empathy for others who suffer in different ways than I do. It’s so funny, I’ve actually read pages out loud at my grown up game nights and had everybody laughing.

“I poked it gently with a pool noodle while saying, “Hey, possum.  Are you dead? Hello?” But it just lay there and I thought that it was either really, really talented or really, really dead, and it’s weird that those things are either/or.  Honestly, it could only have been better at playing possum if it’d had some intestines in its pockets and spread those around, because that’s how you know you’ve got a possum who is really committed to the role.”  Jenny Lawson

Furiously Happy is about mental illness and the good and bad that comes with it.  Jenny truly has a gift of seeing things in a positive way.  Except for her physical and psychological struggles, the most amazing things happen to her and she knows how to tell a story. Even though her brain is broken, it’s an incredibly talented brain, funny, and filled with imagination. Her natural train of thought is fascinating.  And she’s so willing to be vulnerable in front of the world.  The last time I listened to it, I noticed that she is friends with Brené Brown.  I remembering hearing that part previously but it didn’t connect with me because I didn’t know who Brené Brown was but I do now and she’s amazing.  I’ll be writing about her, too.  In the mean time you can learn about her on a previous post because Brené was a guest on an amazing podcast called Magic Lessons.

“When we share our struggles we let others know it’s okay to share theirs.  And suddenly we realize that the things we were ashamed of are the same things everyone deals with at one time or another.  We are so much less alone than we think.”       Jenny Lawson

Here are some of the things I learned from Furiously Happy:

  • If her daughter Hailey ever writes a memoir, I’m preordering.
  • To take the good moments to the next level to make them amazing.
  • To never invite more than two kangaroos to my house at any one time.
  • That possums are real assholes.
  • About the kind of writer I want to be some day.  Both funny and honest about my own mental illness.
  • That a much lesser known love language is animal corpses.
  • #depressionlies
  • Sometimes drugs are the answer.
  • It’s a really good thing that cell phones were not a thing in Mary Poppins’ day.
  • That I am totally unprepared for a zombie apocalypse, I don’t even have any snow-globes.

Jenny’s first book, a memoir is fantastic, too.  Again, listen to it if you get the chance:


Coming on March 7th is a coloring book of her amazing doodles with inspirational quotes (I have three copies preordered and am so excited!):


Finally, you should check out Jenny as The Bloggess.  Her blog is the best blog I’ve come across and the reason I started to pay attention to blogs in the first place. I follow her on Twitter and get a notification every time she tweets (she’s the only person I do that with).  Plus, being part of the #bloggesstribe is both hilarious and comforting.

Click on the books on this blog to add them to your Goodreads list.  For more information see the What is Goodreads? post.

Until next time, I hope that you are furiously happy! Monday’s post is about an inspiring TED Talk that I totally connected with. It’s for anybody that has a variety of interests and has trouble choosing just one thing.

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8 thoughts on “#11 of All the Things- Furiously Happy

  1. On an equal (but different) footing with Jenny, in my opinion, is Ally Brosh (hyperboleandahalf.com). In fact, it was a link from her page that brought me to Jenny’s. Sadly, she hasn’t posted anything since her sister died a couple of years ago, but what she did post prior to that was pure magic.


    1. I read the book because Jenny had mentioned it. It was so good. I’m planning a blog post about it in a couple of months. I saw that her blog wasn’t active but I didn’t know her sister died! That’s so sad.


  2. I’m going to get this for my daughter who’s 23 and depressed, but sometimes funny as hell, and she likes profanity. But I’m going to read it, even though I don’t like a lot of profanity and don’t want to read about dead possums, but I do want to write funnier.


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