#13 of All the Things-3 Things

When life is falling apart, sometimes a good song can really change your attitude and give you hope while reminding you of what you can do right now to feel better.  Jason Mraz’ song “3 Things” is one of those songs for me.

Many people have heard of Jason Mraz and are probably familiar with a lot of his music if you listen to top 40 radio. I don’t think his new album is as widely known.  Plus, he has a lot of songs that are not on the radio that are really uplifting and almost spiritual in nature.  He sings a lot about being positive with reminders about gratitude which I really admire.

Here it is, just click the play button and let me know what you think in the comments:

Do you know anybody that can relate? Maybe you can share it with them, too?

“3 Things” can be found on Jason’s new album Yes!: 


If you enjoyed that, he has a lot of other great songs out there.  I own almost all of Jason’s albums and I’ve seen him live on more than one occasion. These days I mostly listen to him on Spotify.  You can do a search on YouTube and listen to many of his other songs there as well.  Watch for future blog posts about some of my favorites.

I hope you liked the song.  See you on Friday, where my kids and I will share a book we read together that we really enjoyed.

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All the best,


Question of the day.  What are your favorite Jason Mraz songs?



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