#14 of All the Things- Living Beyond Limits


“If your life were a book, and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?” That is the question Amy Purdy asks in her TED Talk Living Beyond Limits.  This 10 minute TED Talk makes me cry every single time I watch it.  It made me feel so grateful for my health and my able body.  Amy Purdy has been through so much and yet is hopeful and so courageous!  She has an amazing sense of humor and found the good even in her tragic situation. She tells her story where she nearly lost her life to bacterial meningitis, her amazing recovery, and what she learned about borders.

“Our borders and our obstacles can only do one of two things.  One, stop us in our tracks or two, force us to get creative.”   Amy Purdy

Here is the TED Talk, take a peek and let me know what you think:


I learned many things from this talk including:

  • I want to be the author of my own story.
  • To find the good even in terrible situations.
  • To hold on to my sense of humor no matter what.
  • To be grateful every day for my many blessings.

Amy has written a book that I am very excited to read (click on the book to add it to your goodreads list):



If you still want more, check out  Episode 206 of Magic Lessons. This is where I first discovered Amy Purdy.  If you want to learn more about Magic Lessons, Season #1, see my previous blog post, #5 of All the Things.  To learn how to download the podcast on your android, see About Podcasts on Google Play. She also has a website.

I hope you were as moved by the video as I was.  See you on Monday, where I will tell you how to access a podcast/radio show that will teach you everything you need to know to get a handle on your money.

Click on the books on this blog to add them to your Goodreads list.  For more information see the What is Goodreads? post.

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6 thoughts on “#14 of All the Things- Living Beyond Limits

  1. Hi, Marcie! I, too, am a fan of TEDtalks and Magic Lessons! I’m looking forward to listening to Amy’s talk. So many sources of goodness. Happy to have found your blog!

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  2. Couldn’t agree more about what you took out of the talk. When my dad was diagnosed with dementia at age 65, it was, of course, devastating. But he was so awesome about looking for the humor in it, and it reminded me to do that, even when he was no longer really himself. When it came time for me to actually physically write a book about it, I tried really hard to insert as much humor in it as possible. For those of us prone to depression, it’s such an important habit to get into. I try to end each day by noting something that I’m grateful for. It helps break any cyclical negative thought patterns. Thanks for giving us another resource and reminder!

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    1. No problem. I feel like we have so much in common! I’m really into counting my blessings. I’m working on a Tuesday blog feature called GratiTuesday all about gratitude. I’m attempting to buy your book. Something went wrong (I think I had too many windows open, so I closed it all down and was going to start again and then of course got distracted) but I’m on my way to try again! Thanks for visiting! Oh, I posted your book page on my FB page, too.


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