#19 of All of Things- The Hilarious World of Depression


Depression is an unfortunate fact of life.  If you don’t suffer from it, chances are you know somebody that does.  You probably know more people than you even realize because many of us hide it so well.  Thankfully, it’s becoming less of a stigma as more and more people are opening up and talking about it.  If you suffer from a mental illness or want to better understand somebody’s struggle, what better way to learn than to listen to funny people talk about it.  The Hilarious World of Depression podcast by John Moe is a new podcast I found and I loved the entire first season. 

This post is about the first half of season one and a future post will discuss the second half.  On the first half of the season the guests included: Peter Sagal, Maria Bamford, Sam Grittner, Dick Cavett, and Andy Richter.  The episode that most stuck out for me was the second one, with Maria Bamford.  I remembered her on episode #21 of  the Netflix Show: Chelsea with Chelsea Handler. She is amazingly open about her life long struggles with the depression she’s had since she was 9 years old.  She’s also dealt with eating disorders, a really specific type of OCD that most people have never heard of and was more recently diagnosed with Bipolar 2. She’s been through both in-patient and out-patient treatment facilities and talks candidly about both. She tried many different medications before finally one that works for her and even that story is fascinating.  The good news is that she’s doing great now!

The Hilarious World of Depression can be found on iTunes or on Stitcher if you have an android.  If you’d like details on how to use Stitcher, see my Podcasts on Stitcher post. Stayed tuned for a future blog post where I will talk about the second half of the season.

Before you go check out the podcast, you should listen to the theme song because it’s really good, too.  It’s called Pagliacci by Rhett Miller. He’s available on Spotify. The YouTube video below has the lyrics which I love:


I hope you check out the podcast and the theme song and come back and let me know what you think.  On Friday, I’ll posting about a lucky gift basket idea and about a great charity. Until then, I hope you find plenty to laugh about because really, laughter is the best medicine.

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5 thoughts on “#19 of All of Things- The Hilarious World of Depression

  1. I have never suffered from depression, but I know my sister does…it can be hard to know how best to support her. Do you think listening to this will help me understand?


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