#21 of All the Things- Fly Lady


It’s the first day of spring and we probably could all use a little bit of spring cleaning.  Maybe some reorganization is needed in your house? But what if you’re like me, and sometimes it all seems too much?  Keeping up on the house work is something I struggle with.  But luckily, I found Fly Lady and with her tips and tricks, it is much easier to get back on track.  She uses baby steps to help you build up some daily and weekly routines.  She teaches you about procrastination and perfectionism.  She gives you a focus so that it’s not so overwhelming.

Here are some of the things I learned from Fly Lady:

  • How to do a 27 super fling boogie.
  • With my timer and 15 minutes, I can do anything.
  • Most tasks take less time than I think.
  • It’s better to get started and get a little bit done rather than wait and do nothing at all.
  • If I dress to shoes, I’m way more productive.
  • I can’t organize clutter.  I need to throw and donate!
  • I really love donating!  Who knew I wasn’t really a pack-rat at heart?

She has an app if you want to check it out, that’s how I found her.  She has some great tools and such for sale on the website along with books and YouTube videos.

If you check her out, let me know what you think.  See you back on Wednesday with a really fun TED Talk.   Until then, grab your timer and welcome spring!

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Question of the day.  Are you good at keeping up with the housework?  If so, what are your tricks and tips?  If not, what is the area you struggle with the most?


5 thoughts on “#21 of All the Things- Fly Lady

  1. I used to be so good at housework. Then we moved into an RV and Sunshine became obsessed with hunting wild pigs and he accumulated so much stuff that it was almost impossible to maintain my OCD-like cleaning habits. We just returned from a 5 day road trip and my house smelled funny when we walked in. It has motivated me to get back in the housekeeping game, so thanks for the tips!

    One from my mom to add: she makes a list every time she cleans her house. This list has not changed in recorded history, and yet she still writes it down every time she cleans her home. Maybe she enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when she crosses an item off the list? I don’t know, but now that I’m motivated to keep my place e cleaner (in spite of Sunshine’s hoard of hunting stuffs), I’m going to try my mom’s written list. It works for her, so it’s not a bad idea, right?

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