#23 of All the Things- Smart Money Smart Kids


Money is a complicated subject and can be so overwhelming.  Especially if we feel like we don’t have enough! Wouldn’t it have been great if you were taught about money as a kid?  How awesome would it be to have development good money habits from a young age?  If your parents taught you good money skills, good for you and good for them!  More often than not, I think that wasn’t the case, though.  My husband and I were overwhelmed and in debt and found Dave Ramsey (see #15 of All the Things) and I’m proud to say our new money attitude has helped us turn our finances around!  Now, I want to change my family tree and teach my kids how to handle money.  The book Smart Kids Smart Money; Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze is helping me do just that. Continue reading “#23 of All the Things- Smart Money Smart Kids”