#23 of All the Things- Smart Money Smart Kids


Money is a complicated subject and can be so overwhelming.  Especially if we feel like we don’t have enough! Wouldn’t it have been great if you were taught about money as a kid?  How awesome would it be to have development good money habits from a young age?  If your parents taught you good money skills, good for you and good for them!  More often than not, I think that wasn’t the case, though.  My husband and I were overwhelmed and in debt and found Dave Ramsey (see #15 of All the Things) and I’m proud to say our new money attitude has helped us turn our finances around!  Now, I want to change my family tree and teach my kids how to handle money.  The book Smart Kids Smart Money; Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze is helping me do just that.


It covers a basic understanding of winning with money plus, you’ll learn about the Ramsey family history and how Dave learned the hard way about debt.  You will get Rachel’s perspective of growing up in the Ramsey family as their finances took a rollercoaster ride from up to down and back up again to stable ground.  They talk about the value of hard work and how to teach your kids to be hard workers.  The book will guide you on how to teach your kids about spending, saving and giving from a young age up through the college years.  They talk about saving and budgeting for big ticket items like cars, college, and weddings. They discuss important topics like contentment.

“Content people may not have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything.” Dave Ramsey

Isn’t that a great attitude to have and to pass down to your children?  I checked this book our from the library but I have it on my wish list because I know that I will refer back to it again and again.  These lessons aren’t something you can teach in a couple of conversations.  They have to become ingrained in your family’s day to day living.

I learned so much from Dave Ramsey but from this book specifically, I learned:

  • How to pay for college.
  • How we will be applying for every scholarship available.  Did you know they have scholarships for things like making the best plan for the zombie apocalypse?
  • How to budget and save for my daughter’s weddings.
  • That I want to find volunteer opportunities for our whole family.
  • “A heart filled with gratitude leaves no room for discontentment.” Dave Ramsey

Rachel has also written this book which I’m excited to read:



If you’d like more info on Dave Ramsey see my previous post, #15 of All the Things.

You can click on the books to add them to your list on goodreads. See you back on Monday…

Until then, start thinking about those college funds!

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Question of the day.  What lessons about money did you learn as a kid?


5 thoughts on “#23 of All the Things- Smart Money Smart Kids

  1. We’re big Dave Ramsey fans in the Orchard household as well. Thanks for the shout out on Rachel’s book. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂


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