#24 of All the Things- Exactly with Matt Nathanson


“Where does optimism come from? Is there any role for realism or even pessimism?”  Those are the questions Kelly Corrigan asks of her guest singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson on her podcast Exactly.

On this podcast, Kelly has “big-idea” conversations with amazing authors, musicians and actors. It’s insightful and humorous and though I’ve only listened to a couple so far, I’m really enjoying them.  I skipped to the episode with Matt Nathanson because I’m a big fan. He has multiple albums out and if you listen to top 40 radio, you’ve heard his songs.   His albums are the kind that I can listen to the whole way through.  I have not seen him in concert yet, but I’m excited to.  I tried to get tickets to a small show he did here but they sold out too fast.

In this episode, they talk about creativity and why creative people make their art and how vulnerable it is to put yourself out there.  They discuss great teachers, and how America is still a great place, even with our problems.  They both admire learning new things which I can really relate to.  They get a little bit political but the conversation doesn’t linger for long which is nice since it isn’t the reason I was listening.

I learned that even successful writers and talented musicians have insecurities and question themselves and their work.  Mostly though, I was very entertained. It was a fun episode and I look forward to hearing more.  I’m also working on a blog post about Kelly’s book The Middle Place which is honestly one of the best memoirs I’ve listened to.  You can find the Exactly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.  To learn how to use Stitcher on your Android, see my Podcasts on Stitcher Page. Click on any of the books on this page to add it to your Goodreads list. See What is Goodreads for more info.



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On Monday I’ll be back with a super funny TED Talk about some secrets to happiness! Until then, stay optimistic and if you can’t, try to at least be funny about it.

All the best,


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5 thoughts on “#24 of All the Things- Exactly with Matt Nathanson

  1. A very interesting topic. Pessimism seems to have some prehistoric roots in so far as “expecting the worst” probably came in very handy when living in a land full of hungry predators. Regardless of our comparative safety in the modern world, our subconscious minds still think we are living in the pre-agricultural days and react to mild modern annoyances accordingly. This is why most of us, to varying degrees, tend to react to financial setbacks, car troubles, and slow internet service as if our very lives were threatened by such mundane problems.


  2. I just read or heard something about how back then, when our cortisol levels spiked before danger and we attacked or killed the preditor, our levels would go back to normal. Now, we have a constant flood with all the media and such and no real letdown. Kind of interesting.


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