#28 of All of the Things- Business Boutique Podcast


I found a new podcast that I’m really enjoying and it’s motivating me like crazy and teaching me all kinds of great new things.  It’s called Business Boutique with Christy Wright.   If you have a small business, or you are thinking about starting one, then you will really get a lot out of this, but even if you aren’t you probably will enjoy it just the same.  I’ve been learning some great things that I’m using for my blog.  It’s helped me in figuring out my motivation, getting me through my start up slumps, and given me some great tips about social media.  Christy’s also a Dave Ramsey Personality which means she’s super smart about money, which I really admire.

I listen on Google Play (See Podcasts on Google Play for more info) but it’s also available on iTunes.  I’ve enjoyed many of the episodes already but I suggest starting at Episode 1 because you’ll learn how to get the quick start guide for your business plan and learn about the first two tiers, Building a Foundation and Making Your Business Your Own.  Plus, it’s just a really good episode.  In Episode 2, you’ll learn about tiers three and four.

Christy has two great guests in Episode 1.  The first is Christine Caine.  You’ll hear her story of how she started an anti human trafficking organization called A21.    She did this without any kind of prior knowledge about the subject and she explains how it all happened and what she did.  It’s truly an inspiring story.

The second interview was with Amber Jones and tells her story of how she started a Disney travel agency called Minnie’s Travel Boutique.  Amber is a truly likable person and you can’t help but be excited as you learn how it’s paying off and her dreams are coming true.

I learned a lot from this podcast episode including:

  • A tenacious spirit and the ability to be resilient is probably the most important thing when taking on any large project.
  • Though our feelings are important, sometimes we need to push back on how we feel and just get something accomplished.
  • To just ‘do it afraid’.  We will never be truly ‘ready’ for anything, we need to get started and learn as we go.
  • It’s a really good idea for me to figure out my ‘why’ for the blog.  To help me keep going when I’m struggling.

Christy has a new book coming out soon.  I’ve already pre-ordered mine because if you do, you get the audio book and a bunch of other freebies:


Christine Caine has also written a few books.  I’m really excited to read this one:



I hope you check out the podcast.  I’ll be back on Friday with a website that will help us break the stigma of mental illness.  Until then, do something great.  Even if you don’t feel much like it.

As always, click on the books on the blog to add them to your Goodreads read list.

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Question of the day.  What motivating podcast do you think I should know about?



6 thoughts on “#28 of All of the Things- Business Boutique Podcast

  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m always looking for a good podcast that helps focus and inspire me to do better, both with my blog and my life. The books look good, too. And now I’m off to check out the podcast.

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