#31 of All the Things-To This Day


“We are the graduating class of we made it!” That statement gives me goose bumps and teary eyes when Shane Koyczan declares it in his TED Talk To This Day… For the Bullied and Beautiful.  It is funny, compelling, and emotional.  Shane speaks about his history, how he was taught to hide to save himself from a broken heart, and his search for the answer to the question “Who am I?”   Take a look:



Much of this video resonated with my own experiences in school growing up.  I went to four different schools in junior high, three of them in 7th grade alone. Kids can be so mean.  Now that I have my own kids, I have to think about all of this again in a new way.  I want my kids to have a different experience if I can help it.   From this talk I’ve decided to focus on teaching the children in my life the following:

  • To be nice and to cultivate compassion for others.
  • To find a way to accept themselves.
  • To believe that the voices that try to tear us down are wrong.
  • That standing up for yourself doesn’t have to mean embracing violence.
  • As we struggle to figure out who we are, others will try to decide for us and then will judge us for it.  We must strive to be strong through it all.

Kids have to deal with many things such as depression, being bullied, abandoned and picked on, and it is our job to help them. I hope you will share this video and have some long talks with the little ones in your life.  And maybe even have a chance to heal some of the hurts from your own past. For more information on Shane Koyczan, check out his site here and subscribe to his newsletter. You can also find Shane on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

On Friday, I’ll be back with a look at a great book that has helped me to look at life from a much better perspective and to also help others around me see the good as well.   Until then, don’t forget that you are beautiful and you’ve made it this far.  Congratulations! It’s something to celebrate.

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Question of the day.  Have you ever experienced bullying?

4 thoughts on “#31 of All the Things-To This Day

  1. 3 different schools in seventh grade?! Oh that’d be so difficult. I went to 3 different elementary schools, and that was tricky enough– but you win the cake, so to speak. How do we survive childhood?

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  2. I fell in love with Shane Koyczan at the 2010 Winter Olympics. As a Canadian, I couldn’t have been more proud as I watched him recite his poem during the opening ceremony. The video you shared in this post, is so powerful and so important. I wish there were a way for every person to view it and understand it. No child should suffer as he did, and as so many do now. Thanks for sharing.


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