#33 of All the Things- Headphones


Did you know that 360 million people have a disabling hearing loss? Many of those could be helped if they had enough money for hearing aids.  Matt Nathanson joined with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and traveled to Peru to help offer the gift of sound.  The video for his song Headphones tells the story and it’s beautiful. Grab a tissue and check it out.


If you’d like to help, the website at the end of the video takes you here: https://donate.starkeyhearingfoundation.org/

To learn more about Matt Nathanson, here is his website.  You can also learn about a podcast he was a guest on in my post: #24 of All the Things.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  On Wednesday, I’ll be back with another great TED Talk by Brené Brown.  Until then, count your blessings.  And, if you can, bless somebody else today.

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Question of the day: What amazing videos do you think I should know about?

3 thoughts on “#33 of All the Things- Headphones

  1. Too funny that you just wrote about this…I have a scheduled post for next week all set for the same thing! My parents work for Starkey and I just love how much they do for the world full of people with hearing impairments. I will probably edit my post to include a link to yours, if you don’t mind! Love that our minds and spirits are so connected!!!


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