#34 of All the Things- Listening to Shame

Nobody wants to talk about things like shame but wouldn’t it nice to find the antidote to shame?  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to learn how to let shame go?  Brené Brown’s TED Talk Listening to Shame is a great place to start:


I learned a lot from this talk:

  • Vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.
  • When it comes to shame, we have to walk through it and find our way around.
  • The difference between guilt and shame.  “I did something bad” vs. “I am bad.”
  • Shame feels the same for men and women but it’s organized differently.  Women feel the need to “do it all, do it perfectly and never let them see you sweat.”  Men feel the need to “never be perceived as weak.”
  • Empathy is the answer.
  • Secrecy, silence, and judgment makes shame grow.

You can learn about Brene’s books and her powerful TED Talk on Vulnerability on #17 of All the Things.

Brené Brown  was also a guest on my favorite podcast, Magic Lessons.  You can check it out in #5 of All the Things.

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9 thoughts on “#34 of All the Things- Listening to Shame

  1. Brene Brown’s talks have changed the way in which I look at myself and at other people. When I first heard her idea that vulnerability is a good thing I was shocked, me being a conscientious introvert. Now I don’t feel much shame anymore, but when I was younger I was caught up in it. Looking back I don’t know why, but thankfully Brene straightened out my thinking.


      1. I can’t seem to play anyone’s videos when I click on them – it’s really weird. If I go to YouTube, though, and search it, I can watch it there. But for some reason, just clicking on them in someone’s blog post doesn’t work. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I am sure it’s me. It’s always me.

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    1. I feel like your posts are out of order somehow. Did you cause that, too? Ha! On next Monday’s​ post, I put a link below the video in a regular link format so maybe if you see it, you can try it. Can you click other links? Like to other posts or websites?

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