#36 of All the Things-Better Things

Today I’m sharing a feel good song that I’ve loved for years.  It was originally a Kinks song but I didn’t even know that until recently.  I first heard “Better Things” on Dar Williams’ End of the Summer Album and I loved it!    It’s also available on Spotify.  There isn’t a video for the song but it’s available in many places on You Tube including here:

Here is the link to the video if that works better for you: https://youtu.be/edwYrhDdZ8k

I hope you enjoyed it.  Stayed tuned and I’ll be back on Wednesday with an insightful TED Talk about addiction. Until then, I hope you have only better things!

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Question of the day: What feel good song should I know about?


5 thoughts on “#36 of All the Things-Better Things

  1. I love a good song that makes me feel better! A lot of the time it’s the way the music makes me feel. Anything from One Republic has been doing that to me lately. Their music just puts me in a better mood!

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