Podcasts on Google Play

What is a podcast?

It’s an audio program, much like talk radio but you can play them whenever you want. There are about a zillion so you have tons of choices in subject matter.  Lots of authors and creative famous people that you already know and love have podcasts, too.   You can access them in a variety ways.  If you are an apple user you can use iTunes.  If you are an android user, like me, you can use Google Play for some of them and/or download apps such as NPR, Stitcher, and Spotify.  There are lots of others, too but so far I’ve found everything I’m looking for on one of these.

Magic Lessons can be found on iTunes or Google Play.

Here are detailed directions on how to access it on Google Play (directions on the bottom of each screen shot):

Add Google Play to your desktop It’s the Play Music tile on the top right (you can find it in your list of apps- I can’t tell you specifically where because each phone is different but mine is in the middle white button on the bottom)


Click on the 3 little lines on the top left.


Click on Podcasts


After doing your search, scroll down until you get to the Podcasts section. Click on the one you want to download.


Scroll down a bit and hit the subscribe button.  You may or may not have a pop up (mine does, my daughters doesn’t) that asks you if you want to auto-download the latest 3 episodes to your phone (instead of listening on WiFi or your data plan) You can click if you want notifications for new episodes and you can change the order of the lists) Then click the red Subscribe and you are all set.  The little i on the right will give you a description of each episode.  Usually you can skip around but for the first season of Magic Lessons, I would go in order because they are sequential.