About this Blog:

Welcome! I created this blog to share the wonderful things that I’m finding in the world. I’m also looking to connect with more people that share my passions.  I’m hoping for great conversations with new friends.  I hope you find many things here that will help you to live a better life.  Things that will inspire you, move you, and make you laugh.  I’ll be posting new blog posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Please leave a comment if you have something to share, I’m always looking for new ideas.  You can subscribe to the blog on the bottom of the page so that you can get emails reminding you when I post.

I have a passion for learning and getting inspired. I’m a voracious reader,  I love podcasts, and I really enjoy watching motivating TED Talks.  I get lost in music that moves me and I eagerly await posts on entertaining blogs. I truly want to make my world a better place and to help others as well. I know that life has amazing ups and terrible downs and often our attitudes are the only thing we have control over and let’s face it – sometimes even that is easier said than done.  My dream to help people to simply feel a little bit better.

I’m going to try not to assume that everybody here is tech savvy.  I know a few personal family and friends who struggle a bit with the constantly changing technology and if you are one of those people, congrats for making your way here!  I appreciate you taking the effort to find this.  I’m going to be putting up mini instructions about how to find some of the things I’ll be talking about.  I’ll put links throughout the blog that will bring you to the pages with explanations.  If you have questions, please leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook or email (all the links are in the footer) and I will help you.

About my family:  

I have an amazing family that I’m so grateful for. I’ve been married for 15 years and have two beautiful daughters.   I lost two babies before having my girls and so I’m very aware that healthy children truly are miracles. My first was Gabriel, born still and my second miscarried. Others who have suffered such losses hold a very special place in my heart and I’ve always shared my story openly because I want to help us all feel not so alone.

Since we are talking about the hard stuff, my mom died of lung cancer 9 years ago. She was only 51. She was a single mother when I was growing up and I am an only child.  We were very close. Mostly I’m heartbroken that my girls didn’t grow up with her.  She was a generous, loving and devoted grandma.  

Me, my  husband Jeff, our 9 year old daughter, Aemelia (Eme)  our 12 year old daughter, Alina (Ali) and our dearly missed dog, Jax. Picture taken in October of 2016

Last fall we lost our beloved dog Jax.  Yes, he is a pitbull and he was a great dog, especially with my kids. I even had him while I ran my own home daycare. He thought babies were delicious.  He liked giving kisses and babies are always sticky. His favorite job was cleaning all the high chairs and the kitchen floor after meal times.  He was an excellent cleaner upper.  

We have a new puppy, Elsa. She’s an American bulldog.  She is still a bit naughty and we are working on that, but we love her anyway.  We’ll love her even more when she stops eating chapstick.  She turned 1 in  September. 



About me: 

I’m a multipotentialite (more about that soon) which means I have a lot of interests.  None of them athletic. Actually, I took up running last summer. Sort of on a very part time basis. My goal was to get a little exercise with my dog.  But I live in Minnesota and winter came, along with 4 PM sunsets and goodbye running.  My new plan is to get a treadmill so that I can walk/run with Elsa in the winter.  And make Elsa go on long walks all by herself because she needs a lot of exercise and her daily walks with us are just not enough. Exercise, discipline, affection is our dog motto.  Thanks, Cesar!

I’m interested in meditation and gratitude (I even have a gratitude group on Facebook where all we do is post the things we are grateful for.  Come join us.) I’m writing a memoir about my childhood.  It’s a slow process.  I’m a huge Friends and Scrubs fan.    I miss scrapbooking. I love adult coloring books.  I can’t wait to get one with cuss words and I’ve pre-ordered The Bloggess‘ coming out in March.  I love hosting grown up game nights, going to concerts, plays, and musicals.  I also host a reunion for my favorite high school teacher every summer.  

I work as an admin in an IP law firm (our attorneys write patents).  I’m an extrovert, I have an on-going battle with depression and anxiety, I love being the “glue that holds groups together” and I hate debt.  I want to see people succeed in life, to make their own choices and to learn and grow and have the chance to overcome the battles we all face.  I think we all have amazing potential.  Life is hard work though.  Our best bet is to learn from the experts and our own mistakes, to be kind and generous to one another and to refuse to take on a victim mentality.  And when we do fall, to pick ourselves up (with help of course) and to keep on keeping on.

Love,  Marcie




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  1. Hi, Marcie! I have to admit, I believe you are the first person I have actually taken the time to slow down and read all of the content on their page (well, a lot of it). We are very, very similar and you have inspired me to personalize my own blog a little more and to get over this social anxiety I have. I get like super weirded out and stuff – I can explain later. But anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a little bit and inspiring me to allow others to get to know me, as well. 🙂


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