#28 of All of the Things- Business Boutique Podcast


I found a new podcast that I’m really enjoying and it’s motivating me like crazy and teaching me all kinds of great new things.  It’s called Business Boutique with Christy Wright.   If you have a small business, or you are thinking about starting one, then you will really get a lot out of this, but even if you aren’t you probably will enjoy it just the same.  I’ve been learning some great things that I’m using for my blog.  It’s helped me in figuring out my motivation, getting me through my start up slumps, and given me some great tips about social media.  Christy’s also a Dave Ramsey Personality which means she’s super smart about money, which I really admire. Continue reading “#28 of All of the Things- Business Boutique Podcast”

#24 of All the Things- Exactly with Matt Nathanson


“Where does optimism come from? Is there any role for realism or even pessimism?”  Those are the questions Kelly Corrigan asks of her guest singer/songwriter Matt Nathanson on her podcast Exactly. Continue reading “#24 of All the Things- Exactly with Matt Nathanson”

#19 of All of Things- The Hilarious World of Depression


Depression is an unfortunate fact of life.  If you don’t suffer from it, chances are you know somebody that does.  You probably know more people than you even realize because many of us hide it so well.  Thankfully, it’s becoming less of a stigma as more and more people are opening up and talking about it.  If you suffer from a mental illness or want to better understand somebody’s struggle, what better way to learn than to listen to funny people talk about it.  The Hilarious World of Depression podcast by John Moe is a new podcast I found and I loved the entire first season.  Continue reading “#19 of All of Things- The Hilarious World of Depression”

#15 of All the Things-Dave Ramsey


“Stop spending money like you’re in congress”  is my favorite quote by Dave Ramsey.  With the help of his baby step program and the daily motivation that I get from his radio show/podcast my family is learning about and making better choices with money!  Dave is a straight shooter and tells it like it is but he understands the real struggles because he’s been there, too.  One of my favorite things about Dave is that he is so generous and believes that helping others is an important part of handling money.  Hearing debt-free screams on his show is the most powerful, emotionally charged way to keep motivated. They make me cry every single time. Continue reading “#15 of All the Things-Dave Ramsey”

#10 of All the Things-10% Happier w/ Colin O’Brady


Colin O’Brady is a pro-endurance athlete. He broke the world record for the Explorer’s Grand Slam which means he summited the highest peaks on each of the seven continents and also trekked both the North and South Poles.  This challenge is usually done within a person’s lifetime but he completed it within 139 days! He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 11.5 hours.  Google told me it takes 5-9 days to do that and that only half of the people who have attempted have reached the summit.  But, let me say, if you’ve attempted but didn’t make it, you are still a winner in my book!  Good for you! Continue reading “#10 of All the Things-10% Happier w/ Colin O’Brady”

#7 of All the Things-Terrible, Thanks for Asking (A Henry Sky)


Every day we ask each other “How are you?” Usually we respond with things like “fine” or “good.” But sometimes things aren’t fine or good at all. Have you ever really wanted to just say “terrible”  because sometimes things are terrible.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is “The show where we ask people to give honest answers to the question ‘How are you?’”  It’s a show about the hard stuff and let’s face it there is a lot of hard stuff in this thing we call life. Continue reading “#7 of All the Things-Terrible, Thanks for Asking (A Henry Sky)”

#5 of All the Things- Magic Lessons

Magic Lessons Podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert


When I write blog posts about a podcast, my goal is to give a general overview of the podcast with a focus on one episode.  For this post though, I am breaking my own rules because the whole season was so good.  

“What are Magic Lessons? They are road maps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge we need when we are feeling stuck in our creative lives.”

The Magic Lesson’s podcast is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book called Big Magic.  It’s inspiring and you should read it.  I also own it on Audible and it is a great listen (much like Eat, Pray, Love.)  I’ll blog about both in future posts. (Click on the books in the list to add them to your goodreads list.)  


In each segment of the podcast she talks to a real person about real problems they are facing in their creative lives. She gives them assignments to help them move to the next stage. Then, on the next episode, Elizabeth calls a knowledgeable friend (always someone famous and always someone awesome) and gets another perspective on the situation. Continue reading “#5 of All the Things- Magic Lessons”