#20 of All the Things- K9’s From Carrie


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve been thinking about luck and being lucky and wanted to share my favorite quote and a crafty little gift idea for you regarding luck. I also want to tell you about a great charity that I’d like you to know about because sometimes we aren’t so lucky, and we need a little bit of help from a four legged friend.  Continue reading “#20 of All the Things- K9’s From Carrie”

#3 of All the Things


The Stories Behind People’s Actions

One morning I got on the bus to head downtown and I passed a woman sitting on the outside spot of a row of two seats effectively blocking off the inside seat from anybody else sitting down. Sometimes these buses get pretty full and I was at first very annoyed with her. But then I stopped and thought that maybe there’s something else going on here. Maybe I’m wrong for judging this woman and I tried to think of it in a new way.  I thought maybe she was saving the seat for a friend. Maybe she is sick and doesn’t want to spread germs or she’s a germaphobe and was afraid of getting sick from somebody struck down by the plague. Maybe she has a social anxiety disorder that makes the possibility of small talk a certain kind of torture for her.

When we got downtown she got off on the very first stop and so I decided she didn’t want to have to say excuse me to a stranger because she has laryngitis, probably. Continue reading “#3 of All the Things”