#29 of All the Things- Make It Okay


Have you ever struggled with a mental illness?   Has anybody said something that really made you feel worse?  It’s a hard topic to talk about for some people.  Some people don’t really believe that mental illness is even a ‘thing’ or it might just make them so uncomfortable.  When I was listening to the podcast The Hilarious World of Depression with John Moe, I heard about this great website called Make It Okay. Continue reading “#29 of All the Things- Make It Okay”

#21 of All the Things- Fly Lady


It’s the first day of spring and we probably could all use a little bit of spring cleaning.  Maybe some reorganization is needed in your house? But what if you’re like me, and sometimes it all seems too much?  Keeping up on the house work is something I struggle with.  But luckily, I found Fly Lady and with her tips and tricks, it is much easier to get back on track.  She uses baby steps to help you build up some daily and weekly routines.  She teaches you about procrastination and perfectionism.  She gives you a focus so that it’s not so overwhelming.

Continue reading “#21 of All the Things- Fly Lady”

#20 of All the Things- K9’s From Carrie


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve been thinking about luck and being lucky and wanted to share my favorite quote and a crafty little gift idea for you regarding luck. I also want to tell you about a great charity that I’d like you to know about because sometimes we aren’t so lucky, and we need a little bit of help from a four legged friend.  Continue reading “#20 of All the Things- K9’s From Carrie”