#38 of All the Things-Fish In A Tree

Hi everybody, I have this one post ready to go and then, I’m actually going to take a longer break than I anticipated.  I’ve gotten a promotion at work but still working part of my old position until we hire and train whoever will take over.  Things are kind of crazy, I’m learning lots, working extra, and feeling some pressure so the blog will have to go to the back burner until I can think straight again.  I hope you all are doing well!  Until then, enjoy this great book with a kid in your life.



How can a smart and talented kid think that she’s a loser or slow? When somebody has trouble reading or writing, it can surely be a challenge and can cause all kinds of problems.  A Fish In a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt is a powerful story about a girl named Ally as she fights her way from school to school until finally in 6th grade, her struggles come to a head.  An extradordinary teacher and a couple of kids turn into allies and together they change the dynamic in the classroom as Ally’s life changes for the better.  It’s an inspiring story for all who have ever struggled to feel like they belong.   Continue reading “#38 of All the Things-Fish In A Tree”