#35 of All the Things-10% Happier w/Dr. Judson Brewer


Do you have a problem with addiction?  Do you smoke?  Are you addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling?  Do you have a hard time controlling yourself with food or putting down your smart phone? I found a great podcast that may just help. Continue reading “#35 of All the Things-10% Happier w/Dr. Judson Brewer”

#27 of All the Things- The Happy Secret



Do you have 12 minutes to do something great for yourself? Something funny and inspiring that could potentially change your life? Then you should watch the TED Talk The Happy Secret to Better Work by Shawn Achor.  It’s an amusing talk about the power of positive psychology that teaches you how and why you should strive for happiness now instead of thinking that you’ll be happier when you achieve that next milestone.  Continue reading “#27 of All the Things- The Happy Secret”

#22 of All the Things- The Shared Experience of Absurdity


I really want to visit New York so that I can  do cool things like a no-pants subway ride or dress in blue polo’s and khakis and stand around Best Buy with 80 other people! If this sounds fun to do or fun to watch, you need to check out the TED Talk: The Shared Experience of Absurdity by Charlie Todd.  It’s hilarious and I’m such a sap, I cried a little when Rob made a subway transfer fun.  Watch this 12 minute video and see for yourself: Continue reading “#22 of All the Things- The Shared Experience of Absurdity”

#17 of All the Things-The Power of Vulnerability


Brené Brown is a funny “researcher storyteller” and gives an amazing TED Talk called The Power of Vulnerability.  It’s the story of how a piece of her research changed her perception and changed the way she lives, loves, works, and parents.

She learned from years of interviews and thousands of pieces of data that the people who felt love and belonging were simply the people that believed they were worthy of love and belonging.   Our goal should be to be whole-hearted which means we have to have courage, compassion to ourselves first, and then to others, and connection.  We also need to embrace vulnerability because as Brené shows us, what makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful.

She shows us her journey and how this research collided with her natural outlook on life. She talks about our struggles with this, why and how we numb and why that truly is a problem and why numbing has bigger consequences than we probably realize. She also talks about our job as parents when it comes to raising kids.

The video is about 20 minutes long and is humorous and filled with insight:

I learned much from this video and now I will strive to:

  • Let myself be seen.
  • To love with my whole heart.
  • To practice gratitude and joy inside of my anxiety.
  • To believe I am enough.

Brené is the author of many books including the two below that I’ve read and am working on blog posts about:


Brené Brown  was also a guest on my favorite podcast, Magic Lessons.  You can check it out in #5 of All the Things.

I hope you liked the video and you check out her books.  Click on the books on this blog to add them to your Goodreads list.  For more information see the What is Goodreads? post.  See you on Monday, where I’ll be sharing Jenny Lawson’s newest book.

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Question of the day.  What TED Talk or inspirational video do you think I should see?

#14 of All the Things- Living Beyond Limits


“If your life were a book, and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?” That is the question Amy Purdy asks in her TED Talk Living Beyond Limits.  This 10 minute TED Talk makes me cry every single time I watch it.  It made me feel so grateful for my health and my able body.  Amy Purdy has been through so much and yet is hopeful and so courageous!  She has an amazing sense of humor and found the good even in her tragic situation. She tells her story where she nearly lost her life to bacterial meningitis, her amazing recovery, and what she learned about borders. Continue reading “#14 of All the Things- Living Beyond Limits”

#12 of All the Things-Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

Do you have a lot of interests?  Was picking a major or a career a really difficult choice for you because there were a lot of things that you were interested in?  If so, you should check out a TED Talk by Emilie Wapnick called Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling.  

While watching this talk, I had an overwhelming sense of “Yes! This explains so much!” It helped me to embrace my true self and feel so much better about my multitude of interests. It shed light on the indecision I’ve always had as to what it is I really want to do with my life. Continue reading “#12 of All the Things-Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling”