What is a TED Talk?

TED Talks “ideas worth spreading”  are usually short videos of speeches given on all kinds of topics.  You can watch on their  website, you can do searches and subscribe on YouTube or you can download the app on iTunes or Google Play Store. I love the app because I can put talks in a list to watch later, I can look at my history of talks and I can mark my favorites and rate them if I want.  The app also has lots of neat ways to find new and interesting things.  Playlists like “How to overcome your fears” or “Talks to remind you that your story isn’t over” and  “Talks that explain difficult topics to kids.”  You also have the option of picking a mood (such as a funny, informative, or inspiring) and how much time you have and TED  will make a plan for you.  Check them out and come back and tell me your favorites!